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Product Description Page

A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide


Class Discriptions:
"Consumer" fireworks are those fireworks devices formerly classed as "Class 'C' Common Fireworks" and now classed as "Fireworks 1.4G" by U.S. Department of Transportation [Title 49 Code of federal Regulations, Part 173.56 (j)]. State laws may vary as to what types of devices are deemed to be "fireworks" under state law.

"Consumer" fireworks include:
- cone fountains
- cylindrical fountains
- roman candles
- sky rockets
- firecrakers
- mines and shells
- helicopter type rockets
- buzz bombs
- certain sparklers
- revolving wheels

"Safe and Sane" items are for the most part "Consumer" fireworks including:
- cone fountains
- cylindrical fountains
- smoke devices
- some novelty items
- strobe light poppers
- streamers
- sparklers